XRP predictions advance $16 by 2018

 14 March 2018 Di: Redazione
Ripple XRP prediction price 2018

After the litigation loss against software company R3, Ripple appears to be in free fall – the cryptocurrency was trading at $0.96 a week ago but has since plummeted to $0.79.
But if we look to the whole picture XRP is still the cryptocurrency that has the technology to disrupt the industry: from March 2017 to now a gain of 14.000% moving from $0.0065 to $0.92, doing much better than the other tokens (considering only the period 11th December / 7th January the price raised from $0.25 to $3.8).
The crucial position of Ripple is show by the number of partnerships that are signed daily by the company, and by the growth rate of financial institutions and firms using the Ripple network and technology.

XRP price in 2018

Listening to the CSO of SeedUps, Samson Williams, and his cryptocurrency predictions studies, XRP will reach $16 by 2018. A lot of experts expressed opinion about cryptocurrencies future and made predictions over Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP)… Why we should listen to Williams’ words?
The claims made by the Chief Security Officer of the Irish company strongly overstep the average predictions of 500% gain (XRP to $6). But the statement of William is self- explanatory:

“Though not a cryptocurrency at all, it is the child of banks.”

Again, the strong bond between Ripple and financial institutes, represent the real advantage of the company. The news about the cryptocurrency are causing fluctuation of XRP price: see the Coinbase listing discussion example, or the test made by Western Union on xRapid (on Ripple network).
Will the price of XRP rise? Find out our Ripple (XRP) prediction for 2018.

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