Will cryptocurrencies skyrocket in 2019?

 29 March 2018 Di: Redazione

Does Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies prices will skyrocket in 2019? That’s a good question!
The fact is: cryptocurrencies exists since 2009 and we are reaching an important phase, a concrete maturation of the market.

Thanks to this, today we can be relevant with analysis and we can estimate better how it will go.

We are a forecast blog, and we follow the market mainly keeping an eye in adoption of technologies instead of technical analysis. This is the exact approach that make possible, in my opinion, to see important variations about prices, in 2019 as well.

We focus on three points:

  • Technology adoption

If blockchain is the future, more and more people will be involved in it. More Bitcoins, more “Cryptos”, more value for the market and prices increasing.

  • International acceptance

Governments, banks, institutes investing in blockchain technologies. Something like Petro in Venezuela and Estcoin in Estonia. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain represent the “base” of future money.

  • Media spotlight

Who placed lots of investors in late 2017? Media, of course.
Media will be inevitably tipping the scales on this market.

So… is 2018 the golden year of cryptocurrencies?


Nope. or I mean… nobody knows.


I prefer to explain, why and how I’m making money with that, for real.

I’m going to show you, step by step a journey that produces money everyday.

Let’s start from the beginning.

How I made money with the cryptocurrencies market

Almost one year ago in july (2017) I become aware of Bitcoin and “cryptos”. I was excited about a new technology that reinvents money and make people potentially rich without any particular effort.

Great! But I was not really informed at the time.

So I started to document and discover any single aspect on how cryptocurrencies really works. That’s a new market and that period, represented for me (as well as many investors) an ambitious stance and investing some money was a short trip.

I relied on cryptocurrencies with high capitalization like (Ripple Cardano, Litecoin, Ethereum and obviously Bitcoin), so I built a personal portfolio… not bad at all.
(I never been a trader before).

First thing you can notice, I diversified my portfolio. That’s a golden rule, something that brings results.

So here’s my 2 tips:

1) Don’t ignore trading

Trading means making more money with cryptocurrencies! That’s the fact, don’t be skeptic. I’m not asking you to loose your day behind graphs and analysis. I don’t do that. The reality is that you can’t win this market only with a long-term strategy.

That’s it.

Imagine how happy Ripple owners are right now (December 2018). The majority of them joined at 0,50$ in 2018.


Now, they have 0,30$ or less per Ripple token! Damn!


You are dealing with enormous fluctuations! Did you see the last 3-months trend? No? The market capitalization is going lower, brutally, the only difference is that we must have trading in mind, not hopes. Because traders have the minimum knowledge to understand and try to anticipate the market.

You don’t need to be a trader, but if you invest with a strategy and you are able to read market signals making money with cryptocurrencies is possible.

I did something like 20k $ just applying a simple trading pattern. I learnt it in a 4 hours course. Everyone could do that.

I will be honest, I spent a lot of time looking for a decent course on internet, weeks and weeks reading pages, forums…etc  It tooks a long time but I found it.


Now… My only advice is: do your own research and find a course that makes you able to manage your money with a trading approach. Trust me!


Anyway, here’s the course I followed to learn a lot of tricks about trading in cryptocurrencies:


2)– Exchangers fee really matters

Majority of us know Coinbase, that’s good website, secure … BUT it’s the worst place to buy token and cryptocurrencies. Aren’t you a first time investor? Don’t use Coinbase.


Coinbase is not for trading and their fees are ENORMOUS!

What is the alternative?

For example here’s my personal pick of 4 websites better than Coinbase and with low rates:

    • Binance – Simply awesome. Traders welcome

    • Hitbtc – Allows all the cryptocurrencies!!!

    • Cex.io – fastest BTC or ETH with credit card

    • Spectrocoin – The TOP! A credit card based in Bitcoin with Bankera support.

And… don’t forget to keep your tokens safe!

One of the best thing I did is that:

Ledger Nano S – An hardware wallet.

Is it a pendrive? No, it will contains your tokens. Why you need that?

Because your exchanger can be hacked or your passwords stolen.

At that point no one will refund your money, no one.
It’s just a plug and play pendrive and you can buy on Ledger official website:



Good luck!

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