$ / Bitcoin 11488.32 $
Google Trend BTC: 22 /100
Global Market Cap $350 B
Dominance BTC: 60.9%
Weekly Trend Bullish
Altcoin trend over Bitcoin: 70/100

How PrevisioniBitcoin.it works


Previsioni Bitcoin born as a Bitcoin forecast project. We fetch information about financial markets and all the projects in matter of cryptocurrencies. Our analyisis are accurate in order to offer investors accurate predictions about cryptocurrencies market.

We use the best sources to calculate average price prediction on many forecast website and we keep updated with exchangers websites focusing our analysis on valuable blockchain projects only.

Every single bit of data become a monthly price according to the major forecast platform, we use ONLY affordable data.

Anyway, we understand that visitors can be sensible to our forecasts in a instable market like cryptocurrency is. In order to give visitors only an hypotetical price direction, we disclaim our responsibility regarding visitors investments. This website does NOT contain financial advices, as an investor you are responsible for your actions.