Why invest in Dash (DASH)?

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Dash Forecast 2018

What is Dash (DASH)?

Dash is an open-source project that aim to constitute a safe decentralized financial solution, in form of digital cash usable worldwide by merchants and service providers. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Dash see a strong stability due to the safety and reliability.

The main trait to attract investor is always been the transaction speed, which is what designers had focused on, and user anonymity, from the first stages of launch, in January 2014 when the cryptocurrency was called first XCoin, then Darkcoin. Finally, with the name Dash, decided in March 2014, the project became one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world, reaching at the end of 2017 $1 billion market capitalization. Dash value in the same period spread to $1,370 USD per coin, dropping after the first quarter of 2018 to $300 USD.

Dash CEO Ryan Taylor is confident Dash price will return to $1,000 USD by the end of the year.

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Why invest in Dash in 2018?

Dash is an investor-directed venture capital fund, self-funding and self-governing that makes the project very appealing to investors.  The coin flexibility made possible to design a unique system to develop Bitcoin.  The currency is distinguish by:

  • the processing speed, deeply faster to the other cryptos (10 percent of the total capacity had already been mined)
  • instant transactions with InstantSend
  • anonymous transactions PrivateSend

The performance of Dash brought many vendors (even App Store) during 2017, to integrate Dash payment or to switch Bitcoin with Dash. The CEO believes that soon the superiority of Dash on Bitcoin will drive his Crypto to be the first cryptocurrency for payments: Dash in few seconds makes possible cheap and instant transactions anywhere in the world, integrating credit cards functionality in the digital currency industry.

Here the forecast for Dash in 2018.

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