What’s happening to cryptos?

 20 February 2018 Di: Redazione

The world of cryptocurrencies is being shocked during last days.

Great things and exciting days for investors all over the world. Something that certainly catches your eye is a huge market capitalization, we’re going straight to the trillion?!

If we reach it would mean the perception of extreme robustness in terms of liquidity for the market we love.

The scenario is surely difficult to define, but understandable: in a few days more billions will arrive on the cryptocurrencies. In the last days only, we ADDED 200 billion. This means that people are seriously investing in the assets of cryptocurrencies.

We rely on bitcoin capitalization? No more. Bitcoin going to be has a smaller capitalization than other cryptocurrencies? We don’t know.

If 100 dollars would join the market, Bitcoin takes 30% instead of a 60% ( last dominance).

Is it the time of  altcoins?
It would seem so.

Ripple gains more than 180% of its value in a week , Cardano (ADA), vulgarly called “the Japanese ethereum” is in a  incredible hurry that led him to swell over 200% in a few days; Stellar carries a rise of over 300%.

Bitcoin’s stalemate is bringing a great deal of investment into altcoins, in the past this happened with Litecoin and Ethereum, now is the A-series altcoin turn, again.

It is well known that Ethereum is reaching around $ 1,300 with an impressive climb and a enviable bull trend.

What to do right now?

They will not grow indefinitely. Altcoins are in a pure speculation phase. There is Hype (enthusiasm), we all are feeling that.

For those who reckon a mature market the cryptocurrency environment, we can say that: Cryptocurrencies will give you a lot of cash for months (if not for years). yet…

We take care of forecasts and we do that with previsionibitcoin.it, we do not consider it necessary to give financial advices but to give users information channels that predict the price trend in the medium / long term.

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