Twitter follows Google’s Advertisement Ban for Cryptocurrencies

 19 March 2018 Di: Redazione
Twitter ban Cryptocurrecy advertising

The news of cryptocurrency world are not helping the market in pegging.
Everything started two months ago when Facebook first actualized its plan to ban cryptocurrency advertising from FB Ads to contrast misleading marketers.
Google pursued last week, with the announcement of the cryptocurrency advertisements ban from June 2018, after the criticisms of advertisers that reported a strong reduction of Ads views in the last months.
After the announcement cryptocurrency market turned bearish: Bitcoin declined of 4.1%, Ethereum of 4.9%, Ripple of 6.5%.
Is from today the news that Twitter is ready to exclude all cryptocurrency advertisements in the next 2 weeks: ICO’s offers, token sales, cryptocurrency wallets… According to Sky News the ban might be lighter for cryptocurrency exchanges, where the platform could apply some exceptions.

What the Twitter ban will involve in cryptocurrency market

The opinions in regard of the topic are very different.
For some experts the ban on the part of Facebook, Google and Twitter could help to oust scam coins from the market and strengthen stabilized and reliable cryptocurrencies. The prohibition could be another important step to solidify the market, gathering investments in a smaller set of digital currencies.
Another set of investors, like Shidan Gouran (President of Global BlockChain), have opposite opinion. They think that the ban, that gives to users a protection against deceptive cryptocurrency advertisers, will limit and damage not only the misleading actors in the market but the whole cryptocurrency sector.

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