Steve Wozniak on Bitcoin: revolution within 10 years

 17 May 2018 Di: Redazione

Will Bitcoin revolution the world of payments and our whole lives?

For Steve Wozniak this will happens in about one decade; Speaking from WeAreDevelopers (Vienna), Woz explains his point of view regarding the current adoption of Bitcoin and more generally of cryptocurrencies.

Woz said that this asset is not at his full potential and will takes about 10 years to change people’s lives. Currently, one of the major risks, for this technology, is to crash due to speculation.

Speculations that will be not lethal for the tecnhnology, same as happened to the Internet bubble: A great technology don’t die.

Blockchain is one of the major innovations in IT from decades and will be the future of distributed networks.

We hope Woz will be right, except for the crashes, remembering Steve as an huge fan of Bitcoin as when in October said: Bitcoin is better than dollar and gold.

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