Stellar vs Ethereum

 15 March 2018 Di: Redazione
Ethereum vs Stellar, where to invest

The first months of 2018 shacked investors and cryptocurrency market. The fluctuation of prices left traders with a lot of questions and doubts: is it better to work on new tokens with higher investment risk but bigger potential profits, like Stellar Lumens, or bet on solid projects that already showed them integrity, like Ethereum?
To understand better where we should invest, it’s useful to compare these 2 cryptocurrencies and analyze pro and cons of each choice.


move money quickly, reliably, and at almost no cost. Connecting banks, payments systems and people with an open-source protocol for exchanging money, they created a platform based on blockchain technology that use a cryptocurrency to value transactions (XLM).
The advantage of the project is the huge potential target (2 billion): people who need to transfer money but haven’t a bank account and need to bypass traditional financial circuits. Stellar Lumens gives a reliable, secure and worldwide solution that drastically cuts costs and time of transaction.


The main difference between Stellar and Ethereum is the solidity and the reliability. A market capitalization of $60 billion against $4.4 billion of Stellar, makes Ethereum a more trustworthy choice for investor and companies that have to choose the network upon which develop them projects.
Another big advantage is the number of clients using Ethereum platform, and the number of partnership already signed by the company, factor that can stabilize token price.


In summary Ethereum offers solidity and reliability, a less profitable but less risky bet. On the other hand Stellar can see a considerable return of investment, growing bigger and faster than Ethereum, but with less guarantees.

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