Ethereum skyrocketing and could break 2500$ by 2018

 4 May 2018 Di: Redazione

Few days ago an important analytics and consulting company predicted that ETH (Ethereum) could break $2500 USD in 2018.

As the latest days demonstrate, Ethereum cover its losses with a great bullish trend that brought back the price to the January levels.

One of the possible factor is the large usage of Ethereum for exchange other cryptovalues (like Bitcoin already did) and its diffusion in the trading environment.

This is completely true, but anchored to the total market cap concept. I know, this is a simple though, but we have to assume that with no entering capital we can’t see any coin rising.

The second reason of that consultancy company is: People are using smart contracts. True, but not true for the masses. Is my grandpa using ETH for smart contracts? No, but is also true that my grandpa is not a billionare.
So, we have to wait a long time to see smart contracts really influences those markets, before goverments get their hands on it.

The same assumption could be true with the third reason exposed by this important firm: Cloud computing will be more decentralized.

Ok, this is surely true, but we have to wait more and more to impact, for majority of people cryptocurrencies its just an hold and pray asset, for now.

Ultimately, will be surely a great year, where Ethereum will rise again because of its usage, linked to a convenient paractice exchange for purchase other cryptocurrencies with no expensive commission and withous waste of time.
Maybe even for this, Ethereum gained over 20% just in last days!


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