Cardano Launches a Major Software Update

 16 March 2018 Di: Redazione

Cardano launched his Main-net in September (a blockchain usually has a Main-net and a Test-net, one that actually transfers money and one for testing) and since the release the company made some little fixings.
In the previous days Cardano announced the first major update that implemented brought strong improvements to the network. The package update was developed to solve some bugs found since September and above all to provide an improved user experience for costumers on the platform.

The main changes of Cardano Major Update

• Fixing of the connection error originated from the time shift between the user device and the GMT. The update solved Cardano’s Daedalus stall status in “Connecting to network” message that will not be shown anymore on loading of the software.
• Fixing of various “error of waiting” occurring during platform use, that with update have been solved.
Resolution of crashes at 99.9% sync and delays in platform operations.
• Addition of Support Request Service that switch the specific problems to reserved team which will follow all the procedure to locate the issue. Users can report any problems directly from Daedalus platform.

The release of the Major Update is important not only for the fixes and improvements of the software, but for the strong signal sent to the market: the launch gives reliability and authority to Cardano, that announced two more releases in the following weeks. The updates will focus more on development of new features.

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