Bitcoin will hit 10k again?

 2 May 2018 Di: Redazione

In the latest weeks Bitcoin (BTC) has been trading with a large volume, the technical charts are suggesting a bullish trend and a 10k breakout? Is that plausible?

Perhaps red candle on wednesday was not enough, and BTC defended the $8.800 result? That’s a very good fact for the analysts, mainly because of the volumes and the total market cap, in a positive trend since April.

What we all expecting from the markets is a $9.500 breakout in weeks, but this remains an hypotetical scenario.

Basically, apart technical analysis, there are two psychological threshold:

1. Price going lower than $7800 (April low) – the bear returns

2. Price breaks $10.000 dollars – bullish trend

In the first case, we consider the market still bearish and all the hype created around by the media in the latest period is a blatant pump&dump for their pockets.

Good news of the day are:

  1. Crypto still rising with interesting volumes
  2. EOS (aka the ETH killer) is bringing money to the entire market
  3. Mainstream media changed their impressions about cryptocurrencies
  4. Market cap is over 400,000,000,000 $ USD

Whats next? In may we probably can see some interesting coin hopping in the market chart; EOS is strongly perceived as the next “Ripple”. If you don’t want to miss that opportunity you can invest now, we did it.. with Binance (of course) before it’s too late.

Autore: Redazione