2 ICOs ready to launch on Cardano

 13 March 2018 Di: Redazione
TRAXIA and SP8DE first Cardano ICO

Cardano, the Japanese company, announced the first 2 ICOs based on its blockchain platform. Indeed, even if the cryptocurrency supports the introduction of other tokens, like Ethereum (reason why the 2 cryptocurrency are in some rivals), no new coins have been released until now.
The new tokens, Sp8de (SPX) and Traxia (TMT) , use the Cardano ADA decentralized application technology (dApp), that showed to be more performant than Ethereum (faster, cheaper and computational more efficient).
The important question is: Ethereum will survive all the rival cryptocurrency that are trying to overtake the network?
Indeed, Cardano is not alone in the competition: a lot of projects aim to undermine Ethereum dominance among which Tron (TRX), Verge (XVG), Ripple (XRP), younger and improved version of ETH.
Ethereum has on his side its age and trust and the several tokens that have succesfully launched on its network. In addition to that the high numbers of competitors could be an advantage.

TRAXIA (TMT) and the trade finance

The first Cardano token sale is Traxia (TMT) and it will begin on March 19th, accepting ETH and ADA.
Traxia aim to give an alternative to centralized invoice selling marketplaces with a dApp based platform that will help Sellers and Buyers to solve the invoice insolvency.
In the platform Sellers upload their invoice, Buyers approve it with their private key, Issuing Providers convert it into a smart contract, Liquidity Providers assure the liquidity, Listing Providers manage the marketplace and Investors trade the newly created digital assets.
Invoices become short-term assets, and users receive and pay in Fiat, to avoid the potential volatility of the coin’s value.

SP8DE (SPX) and the gambling industry

Blockchain can reinvent the online gambling industry by providing transparency to all transactions, security, and anonymity, and reducing house edge and transaction costs.
Sp8de is betting on a platform that will supplying casino game builders unbiased public randomness for developing and running distributed casino applications. The casino applications will be able to use features with minimum house edge addressing the issues of scalability and micropayment in gambling industry.
SP8DE is not the first online gambling cryptocurrency but with Khronos protocol serving as a smart-contract powered API for generating on-chain entropy and the solid base of Cardano blockchain, it could become a the strongest one.

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