Mike Novogratz consider Bitcoin a great asset for investments

Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies investments

Holding investments in bitcoin is not only smart but “responsible”. Mike Novogratz publicly released his point of view about Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies, declaring that investors could invest a 1% and 2% of his capital in cryptocurrencies. The ex-manager of Fortress, consider cryptocurrencies a great asset for investments and declared on November 2017 that Bitcoin will […]

Bitcoin dropping to 9000$, Market cap suffering 20$ billion dollars

Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies investments

Bitcoin loses his opportunity to test the 10K dollars level last night while the price dropping at $9000 today. This is not a bad news if we are considering that a lateral trend, otherwise it’s a bad news, especially if we consider the $20 billion dollars loss on the total market cap. Today, the market […]

Bitcoin will hit 10k again?

Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies investments

In the latest weeks Bitcoin (BTC) has been trading with a large volume, the technical charts are suggesting a bullish trend and a 10k breakout? Is that plausible? Perhaps red candle on wednesday was not enough, and BTC defended the $8.800 result? That’s a very good fact for the analysts, mainly because of the volumes […]

Will cryptocurrencies skyrocket in 2019?

Cryptocurrencies investments

Does Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies prices will skyrocket in 2019? That’s a good question! The fact is: cryptocurrencies exists since 2009 and we are reaching an important phase, a concrete maturation of the market. Thanks to this, today we can be relevant with analysis and we can estimate better how it will go. We are a […]

Coincheck removes 3 cryptocurrencies: Monero (XMR), Dash, and Zcash (ZEC)

Cryptocurrencies investments

Coincheck, the Japanese major crypto exchange, in the afternoon announced the drop of 3 cryptocurrencies. The cryptos involved are the ones centered on anonymity: Monero (XMR), Dash and ZCash (ZEC). The reasons of this decision are perceivable looking at the recent news about Coincheck. 1 – Hacker attack to Coincheck The first reason is connected […]

Twitter follows Google’s Advertisement Ban for Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies investments

The news of cryptocurrency world are not helping the market in pegging. Everything started two months ago when Facebook first actualized its plan to ban cryptocurrency advertising from FB Ads to contrast misleading marketers. Google pursued last week, with the announcement of the cryptocurrency advertisements ban from June 2018, after the criticisms of advertisers that […]

Stellar vs Ethereum

Cryptocurrencies investments

The first months of 2018 shacked investors and cryptocurrency market. The fluctuation of prices left traders with a lot of questions and doubts: is it better to work on new tokens with higher investment risk but bigger potential profits, like Stellar Lumens, or bet on solid projects that already showed them integrity, like Ethereum? To […]

What’s happening to cryptos?

Altcoin Cryptocurrencies investments

The world of cryptocurrencies is being shocked during last days. Great things and exciting days for investors all over the world. Something that certainly catches your eye is a huge market capitalization, we’re going straight to the trillion?! If we reach it would mean the perception of extreme robustness in terms of liquidity for the […]