Do you own 0,28 Bitcoin? You could be rich in 5 years


Bitcoin has finite global supply, no more than 21 millions of token are available. No exceptions. Recently, Steve Lee, former product director at Google declared: Only 1% of the world population will have more than 0.28 (BTC) Bitcoin His analysis is pretty clear, by statistics, no more than the 1% of people all over the […]

Steve Wozniak on Bitcoin: revolution within 10 years

Bitcoin Blockchain

Will Bitcoin revolution the world of payments and our whole lives? For Steve Wozniak this will happens in about one decade; Speaking from WeAreDevelopers (Vienna), Woz explains his point of view regarding the current adoption of Bitcoin and more generally of cryptocurrencies. Woz said that this asset is not at his full potential and will […]

Mike Novogratz consider Bitcoin a great asset for investments

Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies investments

Holding investments in bitcoin is not only smart but “responsible”. Mike Novogratz publicly released his point of view about Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies, declaring that investors could invest a 1% and 2% of his capital in cryptocurrencies. The ex-manager of Fortress, consider cryptocurrencies a great asset for investments and declared on November 2017 that Bitcoin will […]

Consensus May 2018: news from the biggest cryptocurrencies event

Bitcoin Blockchain

Today May 14, 2018 will take place, in New York, Consensus 2018, the biggest event about Cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The event lasts 3 days and the hype around is extremely high. Big names for a big event Names like: IBM, Siemens, Procter&Gamble, Microsoft, EY and PWC will be present at Consensus 2018 including big investors […]

Bitcoin dropping to 9000$, Market cap suffering 20$ billion dollars

Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies investments

Bitcoin loses his opportunity to test the 10K dollars level last night while the price dropping at $9000 today. This is not a bad news if we are considering that a lateral trend, otherwise it’s a bad news, especially if we consider the $20 billion dollars loss on the total market cap. Today, the market […]

Ethereum skyrocketing and could break 2500$ by 2018


Few days ago an important analytics and consulting company predicted that ETH (Ethereum) could break $2500 USD in 2018. As the latest days demonstrate, Ethereum cover its losses with a great bullish trend that brought back the price to the January levels. One of the possible factor is the large usage of Ethereum for exchange […]

Bitcoin will hit 10k again?

Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies investments

In the latest weeks Bitcoin (BTC) has been trading with a large volume, the technical charts are suggesting a bullish trend and a 10k breakout? Is that plausible? Perhaps red candle on wednesday was not enough, and BTC defended the $8.800 result? That’s a very good fact for the analysts, mainly because of the volumes […]

Tron (TRX) ready for Mainnet


Justin Sun, founder of TRON is taking the hype high with his tweets: the CEO openly challenges Ethereum remembering the launch of the mainnet on May 31st and the migration from Ethereum Platform with the abandonment of ERC20. Indeed, TRON started on Ethereum blockchain as ERC-20 token, and after 6 months ditched launching their Testnet. […]

India wants to ban Bitcoin to create its own cryptocurrency


Reserve Bank of India declared that, as Indian central banking authority, it will stop trading with any sort of business or legal person that in focused on cryptocurrencies. This is a strong move after the words of India’s Ministry of Finance that bashed Bitcoin for its volatility and inconsistency. The ban will be applied in 3 […]

Why invest in Dash (DASH)?


What is Dash (DASH)? Dash is an open-source project that aim to constitute a safe decentralized financial solution, in form of digital cash usable worldwide by merchants and service providers. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Dash see a strong stability due to the safety and reliability. The main trait to attract investor is always been the transaction […]